Risk assessment of mental stress

Mental stress and mental illnesses have increasingly been affecting operational processes. According to Section 5, Paragraph 3 of the occupational health and safety act (ArbSchutzG), employers must face the difficult task of recording mental stress in a typical workday and taking measures to ward off the resulting danger. The foundation of this is risk assessment.

Let WEIGEL support you in this task!

The safety engineers of WEIGEL are licensed psy. Res® prevention consultants and work by using the psy. Res® procedure developed by Dr. Ing. Ulla Nagel GmbH in Dresden in cooperation with BG ETEM.


  • coordinates the framework and the objective with the management,
  • prepares and sensitises the respective groups of people,
  • choses the approach to the task,
  • analyses the situation by means of surveys and evaluations,
  • discusses and documents the results and,
  • proposes ideas for actions and solutions,

in order to vitalise your company.


Even in the age of digitisation, human beings are and always will be the most important resource.

Tommy Schriefer

Team supervisor occupational health and safety

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