Practical and client-oriented

For more than 20 years Gefahrgutbüro WEIGEL has given its clients the daily certainty that

  • risk potentials at work places are minimised,
  • the environment is protected from detrimental effects,
  • dangerous goods are safely packed and transported,
  • applicable laws on these subjects are professionally, practically and economically implemented.

WEIGEL can fully rely on its team

The highly qualified and service-oriented WEIGEL team advise all decision makers and authorised employees in the clients’ companies. As external experts, they accompany the implementation and monitoring of the stipulated measures in an objective and independent way.

During seminars, in-house training courses or directly in the value chain, legal regulations as well as complex relationships are described, explained and elaborated with recommendations for their implementation.

The result is an individual service quality which persons in charge in all fields can rely on.