Dangerous goods safety adviser

According to the rules, companies who transport dangerous goods must appoint a dangerous goods safety adviser. Carriage includes the actual transport from A to B as well as preparation and completion activities. Therefore, this applies not only to freight forwarders and haulage contractors but also to companies that classify, issue accompanying documents, package and label, fill and empty tanks, load goods, transport, unload and receive.

WEIGEL supports you in these sectors: road traffic (ADR), rail traffic (RID), inland waterway traffic (ADN), sea traffic (IMDG Code) and air traffic (ICAO T.I./IATA DGR).

More and more companies are turning to external dangerous goods support in order to benefit from the many advantages that they can provide:

  • independent advice without internal influence,
  • new ideas,
  • reasonable fixed costs instead of high personnel expenses,
  • competence through many years’ experience,
  • avoidance of negative image and fines,
  • preservation of internal human resources that can be used for other professionally relevant projects,
  • concentration on day-to-day business,
  • optimisation of processes and procedures,
  • legally compliant application of dangerous goods regulations by all staff members.

WEIGEL takes care of the following tasks externally, according to the Gefahrgutbeauftragtenverordnung (GbV):

  • monitoring of compliance with dangerous goods regulations,
  • advising the company,
  • provision of the annual report,
  • inspection of processes and procedures.

As part of its package of assistance, WEIGEL offers:

  • mandatory refresher training courses for members of staff (authorised and other responsible persons),
  • accident reports of notifiable incidents,
  • support in the preparation of documents, process instructions, work instructions, check lists, records,
  • advice on the introduction and implementation of safety plans for high-risk dangerous goods.

WEIGEL will be pleased to provide a costomised solution for your