Quality policy

The high quality of our services and training courses is one of the foundations of WEIGEL's successful business. It is an important criterion for choosing WEIGEL as a service provider for our customers.

WEIGEL places the needs and requirements of the customer at the centre of its actions. All our services are provided with the aim of high customer satisfaction. This in turn secures the future of our company. All services are directed towards the greatest possible and, optimally, long-term benefit of our clients.

Therefore, it will be checked as early as during the preparation of quotations whether the specific requirements and expectations of the customer with regard to order processing can be fully met.

Weigel sees it responsibility in the continual check and update of all processes and to ensure necessary improvements. 

Relevant legal requirements are integrated and adhered to. The quality policy forms the framework for defined measurable quality goals.

WEIGEL’s team, as the key players of the company, are the most important resource for efficiency. Maintaining the stability of the team and strengthening the physical and mental health of each individual employee is a core idea of our company policy.

Only under these conditions can the professional and human potential be awakened and used meaningfully. We experience motivation and quality improvement through continuous further education, constant learning and solution-oriented development, of which the customer benefits in consequence.

Together with the quality management representative and the team supervisors, the management ensures that all employees know, understand and are involved in the quality policy of the company.

Team spirit, interdisciplinary solutions for projects and cooperative partnership with government officials and business partners determine the activities of our company on the market.