UN testing

The UN Manual of Tests and Criteria supplements the Recommendations of the United Nations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (UN Model Regulations). It contains the criteria, test methods and test procedures to classify dangerous goods.

In particular, companies of the automotive industry and packaging manufacturers consult WEIGEL to perform tests according to the UN manual.

For example:

  • Test series 3
  • 3 (d) Small-scale burning test
  • Test series 4
  • 4 (b) (ii) Twelve metre drop test
  • Test series 6
  • 6 (a) Single package test
  • 6 (b) Stack test
  • 6 (c) External fire (bonfire) test
  • 6 (d) Unconfined package test

Client-specific tests according to the standards or other specifications:

  • bonfire test ISO 12097 or DIN EN ISO 14451
  • performance test DIN EN ISO 14451
  • SAE/USCAR-24

Competent authority approvals

On request, WEIGEL files applications for competent authority approvals with the competent authority (e.g. BAM, SWISS TS etc.).